Mission and goals of the Association

The Association of Metallurgy, Mining Industry and Geology of the Slovak Republic is a voluntary and open interest organization with its own separate legal identity, This organization of employers, which was established by  Act no. 83/1990 Coll. on citizen associations. It associates member organizations from the areas of iron and steel making, non ferrous production, metallurgical secondary production,  the coal industry, ore and non-ore mining, the magnesite industry and geology in Slovakia, as well as other educational institutions and professional organizations.

The mission of the Association is to create fair conditions for the dynamic development of employer and business activities regarding protecting and advocating the interests of its members, and to comment on major issues relating to economic, social and legal matters.To advocate the interests of its members in negotiations with the state administration authorities and trade unions regarding economic and social policies, collective negotiations and the making of higher degree collective agreements. The Association is a member of enterprise, negotiating and consulting organizations. It coordinates procedures and advocates the common interests of its members regarding  representative and state administration bodies, trade union organizations regarding  all domestic and foreign partner organizations of the employers. The Association provides services, consulting and information to its members , supports education and promotion of its member organizations.

The Association is a member of the Association of Industrial Unions, Industrial Bipartite and International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress (IOC WMC).